Some Things to Remember:

Cannabis is, in fact, a much safer alternative for treating many illnesses and ailments than many traditional pharmaceutical treatments; however, this doesn’t mean that cannabis should be used without taking recommended and careful precautions.  This is especially true when considering the use of edible forms of marijuana, as it is much easier to consume more than necessary when there is a 60-120 minute delay between time of consumption and onset of effects.  Smokeable and vapeable forms of marijuana are much easier to regulate considering the onset occurs typically within between 5 and 15 minutes, compared to the aforementioned 60-120 minutes.  Using more than the necessary amounts of cannabis can cause some uncomfortable effects, such as light-headedness, anxiety, dry eyes and mouth, or drops in blood sugar causing vertigo and/or hunger, but most will subside in a matter of a few hours, in case you ever find yourself in that position.  Either way, and regardless of the way in which you prefer to use your medication, you should always keep yourself educated and well-informed in regards to your consumption of cannabis.  Understand the differences between types of marijuana (strains), types of administration (topicals vs edibles vs smoke/vape), types of cannabinoids, and recommended dosages and uses for the different cannabinoids and medications before using marijuana as medicine.  Also, keep in mind that cannabis IS medicine;  take your doctor’s recommendations for use seriously.  An important thing to remember is the fact that cannabis reacts with each person differently than the next, so the best way to find out what dosages work for you is to start with HALF the recommended dosage of a product (typically 10mg is recommended for edibles, so start with 5mg), and then wait AT LEAST the minimum delay period (about 60-120 minutes for edibles) for onset of effects before consuming more.  No other person can tell you EXACTLY how marijuana products will react with you physiologically and psychologically, so take recommendations from those other than your doctor lightly – as mere suggestions, with respect to their lack of knowledge as to the way your body receives cannabinoids.